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Facilitateur en respiration consciente

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About this program

Deep Flow and NAI’A are joining forces to lead you on the path to become a breathwork facilitator.

This Breathwork Facilitator training is an all-encompassing program that stems from the teachings of transformational breath® mixed with the strong foundations of yoga, meditation, sound healing, shamanism, somatic experiencing and behavioural psychology as well as evolutionary counseling.

Based on science and ancient wisdom, our teachings aim at cultivating a thriving body & mind connection, while encouraging you to create a functionally awesome lifestyle for yourself.

Becoming a NAI’A Breathwork facilitator helps you spread healing, awareness and empowerment in your community to create global change.

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Content and Goals

The foundational breathwork training program is two-fold:

In this first part you will:

  • Explore your own breathing patterns and go into a healing journey through body, mind and spirit
  • Learn to establish a strong personal practice to prepare you as a future breathwork facilitator
  • Discover how the body, the psyche and the soul speak to one another through the breath
  • Be exposed to different movement practices and dynamics to breakthrough from fear, anxiety, illness and trauma stored in the body.

We will also introduce various tools to build your own toolkit to further open to receiving the fullness of who you are.


This second part dives deeper into the NAI’A pillars, the therapeutic approach, techniques and methodology.

  • You will learn how to hold space as a NAI’A breathwork facilitator in a small group setting or in your current private practice.
  • This module includes in-class practicum, individual case studies and exam.

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* School and Training Recognized by the Yoga Alliance
* Training Recognized by the International Breathwork Foundation

Who is this for

On this path of study, simple yet tremendously powerful tools are shared with practitioners from different backgrounds such as:

  • Yoga teachers
  • Bodyworkers
  • Massage therapists
  • Counselors, doctors, teachers
  • And anyone who desire to hold healing space for others.



Open to everyone who has 100% willingness to show up for themselves and take responsibility for their experience.

  • No matter what injuries, situation or illnesses you may be dealing with, you will have the attention you need to make the most out of your experience
  • The Breath Immersion is a prerequisite to take the NAI’A Breath Facilitator Training Level 1



Far beyond a technique or methodology, this course is a true life experience that challenges you to dig deeper, unlearn, shift, undo, question, broaden your horizons and step out of your comfort zone.

Personal Growth

As a teacher, trainer, coach, we believe you must first walk your own path to transformation before you can authentically hold space for others. Many realizations even come outside of the class settings as the knowledge and transmissions are applied to all aspects of your life.

Deep Flow & Nai’a

Jhennevièv (Nai’a) and Mylène were presented to each other via a sister tribe called OuiSurf.

They have since poked into each other’s world to realize that their vision, direction and approaches complement and support one another.

The breath facilitator program is their first collaboration and they look forward weaving their teachings to offer you more than a technique or a methodology, but a full-life experience that challenges you to rise to your “bigger” life.

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Mylène Bergeron

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