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The Deep Flow teachings have inspired me to reach my higher self. Paul Weldon ~ Level 1 / Montreal 2015

About the Refreshers

Gather with the Deep Flow tribe for a great opportunity to review, refresh and be re-inspired!

Each evening gathering dives deeper into a particular Deep Flow concept or set of techniques. Participants further explore topics presented by practicing together while offering each other constructive feedback and peer guidance.

Biomechanics will be integrated throughout to pursue the understanding and application of “tensegrity” for the practitioner.

Participants will also get to present specific case study questions for all to learn from such real-life scenarios.

Content and Goals

  • Review key Deep Flow concepts and principles
  • Expand skill-sets
  • Grow confidence levels
  • Develop sound biomechanics
  • Expand quality of depth on all levels
  • Learn from giving and receiving
  • Receive and offer constructive feedback
  • Experience and deepen quality of presence
  • Reconnect with the Deep Flow philosophy

Who is this for

Open to individuals who’ve completed the Deep Flow Foundation, In-Motion and/or Level 2 programs.




Enliven, deepen and re-inspire your bodywork practice

Strengthen your ability to address postural alignment through a deeper understanding of the body, mind, breath and soul connection.

Personal Growth

These quick add-on evenings allow you to connect with like-minded practitioners and thus create a network to share, renew and pursue your overall vision for the field


Meet your teacher(s)

Marie Salton

When & Where

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