About Mylène


Drawing from her mindfulness practice and dedication to ‘the art of living’, Mylène developed Deep Flow in 2006.

Her methodology supports the integrity of the body, mind and breath connection and her innovative approach aims at merging the fields of yoga, meditation, massage and dance to open new possibilities for the client.

While her lifestyle alone is a source of inspiration, Mylène has become a resource for bodyworkers, yoga therapists and counselors who seek to reach their clients on a fundamental level.

Stacey Caie

Stacey was first introduced to Deep Flow at the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage in 2011. Her background in Life Coaching, as well as her fascination with the effects of stress on the nervous system instantly drove Stacey to pursue her Deep Flow journey with the Restorative Bodywork training in 2016. Naturally, Restorative Bodywork became Stacey’s gateway into the Deep Flow Teacher Training program the following year.

Stacey brings clients to understand, feel and experience the body’s capacity to release tension by intentionally bringing attention to areas of concern. Every session is a complete collaboration with the client and changes occur as people develop both mindfulness and body awareness. Stacey is passionate about helping people understand the proper functioning of their systems and thrives at guiding clients towards a more balanced physical and emotional health, from the inside out.

Witnessing such dynamic transformations gives Stacey great incentive to share her knowledge with fellow wellness practitioners as an integral part of the Deep Flow’s teaching team.

Her Mantra: ‘We cannot let go of what we don’t know we are holding on to.’

Contact Stacey: staceycaie.coach@gmail.com

Marie-Soleil Thellen

A Kripalu Yoga teacher since 2005 (E-RYT500), Marie-Soleil started to study Deep Flow with Mylène Bergeron in 2015, while completing her yoga therapy certification with Carina Raisman at Yoga Resource. She continues to be curious about functional and free movement (Axis Syllabus, Movement Research Intensives, 5Rhythms) as well as bodywork.

Her practice is an invitation to discover, explore, and feel the wisdom of the body through the exploration of rhythm, stillness, and movement. She uses Yoga Tune-Up© balls, dynamic and progressive sequences as well as breathwork to guide people towards a felt sense of inner awareness. Her yoga classes are conducted with both the first-timer and the committed student in mind.

Marie-Soleil is based in beautiful Mont-Tremblant, Qc but travels south to guide retreats with Deep Flow and offer various workshops in Montreal and around the province.

Her mantra: “Movement is my metaphor, my meditation, my medicine.” – Gabrielle Roth

For more on Marie-Soleil, visit: www.mariesoleilyoga.com

Rafaelle Mackay

Rafaelle Mackay is Vocalist, Composer, Therapeutic Musician and Workshop leader based in Montreal, Canada.

From very early on singing was a way to go beyond her self to something larger and at the same time a way to find her self, like a best friend in all different states of emotions.

Rafaelle has a strong passion for the expression of the soul through sound and song, guiding people to their authentic voice, she helps liberate the constraints of the mind to where the heart song wants to emerge.

She inspires confidence and a soft strength in both the fire of creativity and the waters of deep inner connection.

For Deep Flow, Rafaelle is involved in the Into the Mystic retreats.

For more on Rafaelle, visit her website.

Shasta Angel

Shasta has been in the Deep Flow community since graduating from the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage, in 2010. Recently becoming a certified Deep Flow teacher, she draws on her bodywork practice, Middle Eastern Dance, and Body-Mind classes to bring people into the realm of self-discovery and growth.

Shasta approaches the body as a gateway to open new possibilities for the client, whether in the classroom, retreat settings or private session. Her bodywork frees holding patterns and expands the breath yet her main focus is to ensure that the information revealed during the experience transfers to the daily life. Her teachings are passionate and revealing. Her grounded presence carries a soft heart and sparkling burst of laughter!

Shasta maintains a private practice in Hope, BC where she also teaches Dance and Body-Mind classes. She travels where needed to teach Deep Flow workshops and/or retreats.

Personal Mantra: “Wherever you are, make sure you’re there” ~ Dan Sullivan

Contact Shasta: breathe.shasta@gmail.com

Mylène Bergeron

Trained as a manual therapist, Mylène has been immersed in the field of bodywork since graduating from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, in 1999.

Mylène’s tangible, adaptable and engaged teaching style concentrates foremost on the well-being of practitioners as a means to deepen their ability to hold space, connect and be present for their clients.

She believes that manual therapy increases awareness, sensibility and balance. It is by bringing the client to truly understand those elements from deep within that makes possible long-term beneficial transformation.

Mylène teaches around the world and lives at the beach in El Salvador with her partner and their son.

Her mantra: We live on a planet that spins around in the middle of nowhere so we might as well enjoy the ride!

Contact Mylène: mylene@deepflow.ca


Jhennevièv is a transformation catalyst, creator and activator of all things that shake the world awake. Surfer, conscious entrepreneur and wisdom sharer, she uses truth, love and vitality as her allies to elevate people to their potential in every transformational event she leads or tribe she inspires.

She is a culture creator and loves love. She is the founder of NAI’A Project, co-creator at Mindbliss, and the co-founder of many other beautiful initiatives on this planet. Jhennevièv has over 10 years of experience in spreading the wisdom of breathwork, ecstatic dance and sacred movement, sound healing, transpersonal psychology, deep ceremony and merging that into the entrepreneurial world for greater sustainable impact.

She has trained and taught alongside renowned teachers such as Shiva Rea, Dr. Judith Kravitz and Mother Nature and she uses her MBA now and again.

Her favorite office space: the ocean. Her mantra: Love prevails.

For more on Jhennevièv visit: Nai’a Project

Marie Salton

Trained as a Spa Therapist at the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage (VSBM), Marie continued postgraduate training in Restorative Yoga, Deep Flow, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, pregnancy massage and Restorative Bodywork.

Marie managed and owned the Sacred Stone Spa for 5 years in Tofino, B.C. where she learned the art of combining bodywork and business. This experience brought her to teach Spa Employment Preparation in the Business Skills department at VSBM, as well as teaching Hot Stone massage with a Deep Flow twist to it.

She is currently practicing at Sense Spa at the Hotel Georgia in Vancouver. Although exposed to a 5-Star environment, Marie considers herself as a “down-to-earth” persona. She appreciates sharing bodywork with clients who are engaged with the process of consciousness and self-growth.

Whether in a classroom, retreat, spa or studio, Marie brings extensive knowledge and skills to the international world of massage. She admits her bodywork style mirrors her outlook on life: there are times for order and practicality, times for working through the tough stuff, and times for settling in and enjoying.

Marie is a Foundation Level Deep Flow teacher and offers these trainings in a variety of settings.

Her mantra: Sprinkle laughter throughout!

For more on Marie visit: www.mariesalton.com

Anne Compagnon

Anne discovered manual therapy through massage in California in the 1980s. It was love at first touch and she decided to make it her trade. As a certified massage therapist in the USA, most often engaging in structural work and Deep Tissue techniques, she practiced and taught there for over 20 years.

While in Vancouver in 2009, Anne met Mylène and discovered Deep Flow. Once again it was instant love! Deep Flow gives coherence to what Anne has learned, practiced and continues to shift towards. This methodology gives her a sense of freedom while offering sound guidelines.

Anne moved back to Europe a few years ago and has been infusing the French massage community with the Deep Flow philosophy ever since. Her teaching style is described as sensitive and respectful while encouraging curiosity and expansion of self.

Her mantra: “Limits exist only in the minds of those who can not dream” ~ Philippe Petit

For more on Anne visit: www.deepfloweurope.com