Formations professionnelles

Formation professorale

Formations professionnelles

“Les gens vont oublier ce que vous avez dit, les gens vont oublier ce que vous avez fait, mais les gens n'oublieront jamais comment ils se sont sentis avec vous" Maya Angelou

About this program

With the focus being as much about refining core Deep Flow techniques as developing the teacher within, participants will grow the confidence and skills to reach others within a style and voice of their own.

The program will be taught over 3 independent levels, which will gradually ready you to teach various components of the Deep Flow approach.

  • 1st level:  Deep Flow Philosophy
  • 2nd level: Fundamentals of Alignment
  • 3rd level:  Deep Flow In-Motion

It is not mandatory to go through all the levels, and you can begin to teach immediately after completion of the 1st level.

Content and goals

Mylène is known for the way in which she layers and sequences a course, as well as how she quickly adapts to “what is alive” in the classroom.

You’ll experience and learn from her unique, engaging and integrative teaching style as she lays the foundation for the Deep Flow approach and then builds upon it progressively and incrementally throughout every level of the teacher program.

You’ll also receive the benefit of several visiting teachers who will participate in the program and share with you various angles of the art of teaching.

Each level of the Teacher Training includes aspects of the following topics:

  • The psychology of teaching
  • Deep Flow concepts & principles
  • Myofascial release
  • Fundamentals of alignment
  • Functional anatomy
  • Movement awareness
  • Active breathwork
  • Mindfulness principles
  • Communication / presence / listening skills
  • Workshop development
  • And much more

Who is this for

It is recommended to have a foundation in bodywork, massage therapy, yoga therapy, or other form of hands­on approach before taking this program. Contact us if you have any questions about to this program!


You must have completed 2 of the following Deep Flow trainings and have been active in the field of massage and bodywork for at least 2 consecutive years.

  • Deep Flow Level 1 (or foundation)
  • In-Motion
  • Deep Flow Level 2
  • Restorative Bodywork


This program will prepare you to:

  • Teach established Deep Flow trainings & workshops in key locations around the world
  • Design workshops or projects of your own, and operate them on the Deep Flow platform
  • Become a supporting teacher in other Deep Flow programs, or retreats
  • Offer private tutoring or coaching to members of the Deep Flow community

Personal growth

We believe that excellence in the art of teaching therapeutic touch requires a strong commitment to one’s own growth and healing. To stay true to the Deep Flow philosophy, the teacher training emphasizes and promotes authentic communication, the ability to self-study and embodied consciousness.


Final Assignment

Upon completion of each level of the DFTT program, students will need to shadow another Deep Flow teacher for at least one workshop.

You will be required to:

  • Participate in every aspect of creating, marketing and teaching the workshop
  • Help with group management during the actual workshop
  • Assist with hands-on techniques and support the teacher accordingly
  • Prepare and deliver at least one lecture and/or demo during this workshop
  • Provide a written debrief, which will be shared with the rest of the group as a way to extend everyone’s learning process



Certification for each level of the DFTT will be issued upon successful completion of the final assignment.

The certified instructors will have access to the written Deep Flow material as well as further coaching throughout their growth in the actual field of teaching.

A Teacher Agreement will be sent to you upon reception of your application to explain the formatting of the Deep Flow platform.



As a Deep Flow Teacher you will receive a 50% discount towards all Deep Flow workshops, retreats, or events offered year around.

* max of 1 DF teachers per program


Upcoming Dates

1st level: Deep Flow Philosophy

  • 2018
  • bilingual training
  • Fees and location TBA
  • Contact us to be put on a priority list

2nd level: Deep Flow Foundation